How to Make a Team Contract

The creation of teamwork contracts takes place in a team building workshop. In this environment, the team leader and his teammates are ready to discuss and agree on behavior at work. They intentionally use work arrangements to solve interpersonal or process problems that harm the team because they know it will help the team achieve its goals and work better together. 3. Thematic agreements for different aspects of cooperation You can focus conversations on different topics to make the agreements more accurate. For example, you can create different sets of agreements for Step 3: Create your team agreements Once you have all the votes, look for the cards with the most votes. Those who won everyone`s vote are definitely part of the team agreements. For those who don`t have a consensus (all votes), ask team members who didn`t vote for them if they can still support them and live them democratically. And for those with few voices, prioritize and have a conversation. Most of the time, these elements are either included in something else that has already been included in the team agreements, or they are modified and then changed in the final document.

At the end, each participant signs the document as a symbol of compliance with the team`s statutes. There are two general approaches to creating team agreements. The team continued to improve and worked together for another five years. They never returned to their old dysfunctional habits. As a result, these teams were successful, in part because they created and tracked their team`s working arrangements. The fascinating story of the Chevron team is a great example of how working conditions help teams. But it`s certainly not the only one. A team agreement is a set of values, principles, or behaviors that a team uses to improve communication and hold each other accountable.

This contract may cover areas. B such as how members work together, make decisions, communicate, share information and support each other. Social contracts set clear standards for how members interact and should interact with each other. One year after their working arrangements were established, the team presented the following results to its senior management team. Each team contract must define the basic rules for participation: team contracts must describe the basic rules of the team. It is important that the team leader says what he wants in his team and what he does not want in his team. It was a perfect example of how teammates who are out of their heads can get back into their true minds. This was a field operations team for Chevron in the Gulf of Mexico. They were responsible for supporting all of the company`s offshore oil platforms. Their first working arrangement was an agreement on the code of conduct on how they would build trust.

The other was a process agreement to help them become a self-managed team. Team agreements are created by the team for the team. Before each team building workshop, I first discuss the current performance level of the team as a moderator. This means using one of two methods. When the team saw this graph, they knew it described their behavior. They realized and accepted that they had to change as a team. It`s all very well to create both types of agreements within your team. After sticking to their employment contracts for an entire year and tracking their results, they not only felt like a real team, but also had the data to prove it. In just one year, they lived: if you worked in a team, you probably experienced some of the above situations. You may have even found a few articles on how to solve these challenges.

Creating a team agreement is a great first step in overcoming these challenges. 1. Update team agreement frequently Once a team has achieved high performance, they often update their team agreements to improve efficiency. The contract update process helps to increase the sense of camaraderie and cooperation. Once you`ve created your first agreement, you`ll work with your team to decide on a timeline to review and update it again. I can`t wait to see what you and your team accomplish. Before I met them, they were competent, but they were unhappy, far from productive. The worst part was that two-thirds of the team members were arrogant and aggressive.

I asked them to withdraw their teamwork contracts. They read them all. Then, one teammate said, the team agreed to hold team-building follow-up workshops every three months. They asked me to lead these workshops and conduct a new survey each time. About an hour into the workshop, the team fell back into their old way of interacting. They were once again arguing about something they had mentioned three months earlier. 1. Each teammate will communicate their thoughts and feelings appropriately. Step 2: Discover team responsibility All participants take the time to read what everyone has written and ask clarifying questions to the author of each card until each team member understands what they can count on in others. Once clarity is achieved, each person votes for the cards that they believe should become a team responsibility.

For example, if a team member wrote, « You can rest assured that I will never put my code into production on a Friday, and you think all team members should behave this way, vote for that card. In these productive and effective teams, all teammates have « agreed » to work collaboratively while demonstrating the right attitudes and behaviors. 2. Managing personal and technical behavior Some team agreements are more about technical practices (e.B. the previous one mentioned « Don`t push code into production on Friday »), while others focus on principles that the team will adhere to, for example: « Give the person feedback on performance before talking to someone else about their performance. » As the third and fourth surveys showed, the team continued to improve over the next six months. It is also important to describe the behaviors that team members must adopt in order to hold each other accountable for team agreements. And the most important thing of all is that team values and team agreements cannot be dictated to the team by a manager. Only your team really knows what they need, so outside influence should be kept to a minimum.

In their first team building workshop, the team created two employment contracts. Three months later, these agreements provoked a « moment of reason ». After all, the teammates were happy and productive. In addition, their managers and the team`s clients were also satisfied. Step 1: Individual Responsibility Each participant writes a few sentences, starting with the phrase « You can count on me for ____ », » which must be complemented by a behavior/standard that they consider a team agreement. Keep each set on a separate map (Post-it) so that you can organize them more easily in the future. These resources are more than enough to help you start incorporating teamwork agreements into your team. 1- Identify values: Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you identify your team`s values and principles. Although values alone can be seen as a starting point for a social contract, in this article I would like to focus on the more practical and behavioral aspect of team agreements. There are many more ground rules that are established in a team contract to allow the team to function properly. These will be discussed in another article.

5. Lead by example The leader must model the desired behavior in the social contract. If you expect to see some behavior in the team, be sure to stick to it first. .