What Is the Legal Age to Marry in Malaysia

Over the years, many critics of child marriage have come forward urging the government to unify the legal minimum age at 18. In 2012, the Lower Court of Kulim Shariah granted Nor Fazira Saad, 12, permission to marry a man named Mohd Fahmi Alias. However, the marriage lasted less than a year. Noor Aziah said that in 2020, Selangor changed its law and made 18 the minimum age for boys and girls, making it the only state to have achieved legal reform. « Your body already looks like the age of 18, » Shabudin, a former Sharia judge, told a parliamentary session. « So, physically and mentally, it`s not an obstacle for the girl to get married. » Listen, boys and girls. The minimum legal age for consent (authorization) to sexual relations is 16 years. Sex with someone under the age of 16 can be legal rape, even if they said yes. – Malaysian Penal Code (Act 574), Section 375. For Muslims, the laws regarding the age of marriage differ depending on the Islamic laws of a person`s state. Selangor was the first state to normalize the age of marriage for Muslim men and women to 18, but a request can be made to the Sharia court to marry if you are a minor. « This is a violation of their rights. A legislative reform that sets the minimum legal age for marriage at 18 without exception should be one of the priorities of the new parliament.

« It will also ensure that children are able to give their free and full consent and have the minimum level of maturity required before marriage. » Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Seri, Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, said yesterday that Parliament can raise the legal age for girls to marry from 16 to 18 when it meets on July 16. Constitutionally, the Malaysian legal system is divided. Non-Muslim Malaysians, mostly from the country`s Chinese and Indian ethnic minorities, are bound by civil law. Under the law, non-Muslims in Malaysia cannot marry before the age of 18 unless a high-ranking minister of state gives special consent. KUALA LUMPUR, 3. July – In Malaysia, there are opportunities for children under the age of 18 to marry through various « gaps » in the dual legal system of Sharia and civil law. The majority of the population in Malaysia is Muslim. According to Sharia law in the country, the minimum age of marriage is 16 for girls and 18 for boys. Basically, exceptions can be made for girls or boys to marry at a much younger age, as long as they receive approval from the Islamic courts. And the data, while scarce, shows that girls are the most affected by these legal exemptions. For example, this can be observed in Kedah state, where marriage applications for minors increased by 35% between 2008 and 2010.

More than 90 per cent of these requests concerned girls under the age of 16. As we can see from section 13 of the Tobacco Products Control Regulations, 2004 under the Food Act, 1983, the legal smoking age at the time of writing is still 18 years and has been since 1994. The cabinet had already decided to lower the voting age from 21 to 18. However, the current government would still have to secure a two-thirds majority in Parliament before constitutional amendments could be made so that it could come into force. If that happens, we will update it here. Child rights activists lobbied for a recent UNICEF event to reform the law to raise the minimum age of marriage to 18. The minimum legal age for marriage has been a controversial issue lately. For non-Muslims throughout Malaysia, if your parents give you permission, the legal age of marriage is 18 for both men and women. However, the age can be lowered to 16 for women if the Chief Minister grants you a licence. If your parents do not give permission, you will both have to wait until the age of 21 to get married – section 12 of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976. The minimum legal age of marriage in Malaysia is now set at 18 for Muslims and non-Muslims.

(Photo by Nicholas Gercken/unsplash.com) Unwanted early pregnancies contribute to the spread of child marriage in Malaysia. A large number of Muslim teenage girls marry just before reaching the age of majority to marry, suggesting some haste before a pregnancy progresses. However, the country`s Malay Muslim majority must abide by Islamic law. A Sharia court must grant permission to minors under the age of 16 to marry. If a Muslim receives approval from Sharia authorities, there is no minimum age for marriage. Malaysia has a dual legal system, which means that the minimum age of marriage can be determined by civil law or Syariah (Islamic) law. This creates a situation where it is difficult to have a consistent definition of how old you are a child and what constitutes child marriage. Mohamad Amar Nik Abdullah, Deputy Prime Minister of Kelantan and Deputy Chairman of the Malaysian Islamic Party, stressed that child marriage is legal in Islam and said the country has more pressing social problems to address. « By allowing this man to marry her, we deprived this girl of her childhood. We need to end child marriage. If it`s true, it`s grotesque, » reads a message from user @faizalhamssin, who repeats dozens of other messages.

As a general rule, non-Muslims are not allowed to marry before the age of 18, but girls can be married as young as 16, provided that they or their parents have permission from the prime minister of the state. The dual legal system, the result of the Reid Commission`s decision to make religion a matter of state in 1956, separates civil law legislation, which applies to non-Muslims, and Sharia law, which applies to Muslims. In Malaysia, the minimum legal age for civil marriage for both sexes is 18. However, girls can marry at the age of 16 with the permission of the prime minister of their state, while Islamic law sets a minimum age of 16 for girls and even allows older marriages with the permission of the Sharia court. Already in 2017, the Ministry of Health, under the leadership of BN, intended to raise the legal smoking age to 21. At present, the current government of Pakatan Harapan has introduced new bans on smoking in restaurants, but has not yet implemented plans to raise the legal age to smoke. If and when they do, we will update this article accordingly. A non-Muslim girl at the age of 16 can marry with the consent of the head of state government – the Mentri Besar or Prime Minister. However, non-Muslims cannot marry before the age of 16. Previously, the minimum legal age of marriage for Muslims was 18 for men and 16 for women.

For non-Muslims, it was 18 for men and women. When is a child, especially a girl, old enough to get married? Have you ever seen someone in school uniform riding a motorcycle and wondered if it was legal? Well, the legal age to get your hands on a motorcycle license is 16. – Article 39(1) of the 1987 Law on Road Traffic . . .